D D Bilger 1996 - 2019
    Are you ready for some really unique wood veneers in your projects? We have been involved in the purchase and sale of unusual, interesting, and rare veneers for over 40 years . . .     We are genuinely interested in your individual needs, and always glad to help you plan your projects, big or small. We will give you the personal attention you deserve, whether you are an artist, craftsman,
or woodworker. We are always open to questions via e-mail.
    Our goal is to customize your order. This special attention takes a little extra time, but we like to think of our customers as individuals. We really do take the time to search our inventory in an effort to make you happy.     We have a unique system for veneer storage. For those smaller projects, craft items, boxes, marquetry, and restoration, We have an extensive collection of unusual and interesting variations... We are always looking for the unique and interesting to help make
your creations - "One of a Kind"...  Dave & Stacey

Natrual Dyed Wood Veneers from Europe

Old World Quality - dyed through and through. Guaranteed vibrant and beautiful...
Exciting accents for your next masterpiece !
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